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Dangles and Hoops

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Hair accessories

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Card Pouches

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Favorite Characters

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The Holiday Collection

Our Featured Collection of the Month

Sold out

  • $7.00

Sold out

Feeling Flakey
  • $16.00
The Claymates
  • From $17.00
  • $7.00
Christmas Lights
  • $12.00

Sold out

Snoop, There It Is!
  • $17.00
Having Snow Much Fun!
  • $17.00

Sold out

Best Globe-Up
  • $14.00

Sold out

Orna-meant to be!
  • $15.00

Sold out

Cotton Candy Christmas
  • $17.00

Sold out

I'm Dreaming of a Beige Christmas
  • $17.00
Glitter Tree
  • $9.00
A-Wreath-A Franklin
  • $7.00
Blue Snowflake
  • $8.00
All I Got For Christmas Was a Card-inal
  • $16.00
  • $16.00
Santa's Snack
  • $18.00
Starry Night
  • $15.00
Ho-Ho-Hangin Low
  • $15.00

Sold out

Shake shake shake
  • $15.00


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I absolutely love the products. They are one of a kind and everyone always asks me where I got my earrings from! And I always direct them to this website or app! I’m always joking about taking on a second job just to buy earrings! Or needing an earring closet!

Ashley G

You simply cannot beat the quality of what you get. It's clearly made with so much passion and dedication. There's something for everybody, which is always awesome. I love everything so much, I think I have one of everything AND bought a special display for it to keep it all safe. Everything is THAT amazing!!

Kim H

I love that I can find unique pieces to fit all of my personalities. My husband always jokes about that!

Jessica G

Moxie by Marii earrings are the best earrings I have ever owned. The creativity and talent that is in each handmade pair is beyond anything you could get from a store. With biweekly releases of specific themes there is truly something for everyone. I am pretty addicted to them and they make me feel confident and beautiful. Plus I get so many compliments because they are one of kind. I guess you could say I’m obsessed!

Trisha C

Moxie by Marii is going to be your next addiction! Her creativeness combined with hand made,one of a kind, jewelry peices is unmatched in my book. I pick my outfits out now based on what earrings I want to wear that day. What made me a repeat customer was how awesome the quality was of every peice and how lite weight the earrings were. I consider every peice an investment in myslef and you can never go wrong with that.

Melissa A

I’d have to say that I love these earrings because I’m allergic to so many of the ones at stores that for the longest time (like many many years) I’d leave them in and never take them out once I found a pair I can wear. With the Moxie ones…I haven’t found a pair that hurts me! They’re all so good! Seriously works of art! I’m always wearing them and if I’m not…the something is wrong lol. Price point is fantastic. Creativity perfect. They’re unique yet couldn’t be more me! Love that the products vary so much! Can we just sit in awe during a live sale?!? Like girl…if you work that day then you better ask for it off! They make me feel so good when I wear a set or two or three! Got a little Moxie on me…

Lauren O

Moxie Boxes are my fave! Love how they are specifically themed each month or season and have a bunch of great items that aren't sold on the website! It's so much fun to mix it up!!

Melissa R